When can I move in?

A date is given on the booking contract but we are flexible. Contact us to set a date for picking up the keys.

The procedure on moving-in is straightforward; sign the Lease (a room number will be assigned at this time), pay the required deposit, read over the Welcome Package and Housing Policy. A member of the Residence staff will be there to give you the access FOB & mail key and to give you a tour of the building.


Can I bring personal electronics into my room?

Residents are permitted to bring their own television set (within a reasonable format), computer, DVD player, gaming station, radio, etc. to their own room. Please be respectful to your roommate and your fellow residents by using headphones for the personal electronics, if others do not want to be disturbed. Please note that cable is not available in any of the resident’s rooms and that a television with cable is located in the communal living room.

Cooking appliances are not allowed in the rooms. 


How and when should I pay my rent?

There is an administration mailbox in the entrance of the building where you can deposit the monthly rent payment. Please refer to your detailed lease invoice issued from the Edison Administrative office, which indicates the total value of your lease and payment terms. Please note that all payments should be received before the due date indicated. Rent can be paid by cheque, cash or Interac e-transfer (Using Paypal is also possible but the associated costs, around 10%, have to be paid by the tenant). It is important to indicate you room number when paying. 


What do I do if I lose my keys or am locked out of my room?

Each resident will be issued a FOB and mailbox key upon check-in for a 100$ deposit, which will be refunded upon successful return of both items at the time of check-out. The FOB gives access to the front entrance, the individually assigned room and various common rooms. Each set of keys is solely for the use of the resident and may not be lent or passed on to others. It is illegal to access another resident's room. Residents are prohibited from installing locks (of any kind) of their own on the room doors due to regular room condition & safety inspections conducted by Edison Residence staff members.

A resident who has accidently been locked out of their room may request that an Edison staff member give them access. The Maintenance number provided in the Welcome package should be contacted between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, 7 days a week. Should this service be abused, a fee may be implemented. A second FOB can be provided against an $60.00 deposit.

A replacement FOB will result in a $60.00 charge per key and a replacement mail key will cost $40.00. Please notify the Administration office as soon as possible and allow up to 24 hours (during week days) to receive your new FOB or key.


Can I change rooms after I have moved in to the Residence?

Living with other individuals can be a challenge, particularly if a bedroom is shared. Residents are expected to work together to resolve personal differences, with the help of the Edison Residence Administration staff. Residents may request a room change in the Residence; however the changeover will be based on availability. Changes will only be considered after significant efforts of compromise have been made by all parties involved. Residents will be charged an administrative fee for each room change.


Can I have guests over?

Edison Residence is a private residence for the sole use of the residents, who have entered into a contractual agreement with the Residence. Having a guest is a privilege that can be revoked for failure to comply with the Residential Housing Policy and Lease by-laws. As outlined in the Housing Policy, each resident is responsible (and held accountable) for the behavior of their guests and for making their guests aware of all Residence policies (which guests are expected to follow). Each resident is permitted to sign in a maximum of 5 guests at one time. Only one guest may stay overnight with the consent of all occupants of that room, for no longer than two consecutive nights and for a total of seven nights over one academic term. For any guest staying more than the permitted length of stay, the Administrative office must be notified. A resident found to have an additional person living with them in Residence will face disciplinary sanctions. Guests are not permitted to sleep in the common living or lounge areas.

Each resident will be given an intercom code to receive their visitors. Each room is equipped with an intercom receiver, when a visitor enters the code, your intercom will ring in your room; if you recognize the visitor you may grant them access. You are required to sign-in every visitor that you grant access to the building by filling in the online form. A resident who facilitates the entry to a stranger or otherwise unauthorized guest to the Residence will be designated the host of that person and will be held accountable for their actions.


Do I have a curfew?

There are no curfews in Edison Residence; every resident is accountable for their own time. The administration office requests residents refrain from making loud noise or speaking loudly if they return later than 11:00 pm.


Where can I do laundry?

There is a laundry room located on the basement level in Edison Residence, which is accessible 24 hours a day. The industrial washer & dryer are coin-operated. Residents will be responsible to supply their own laundry products and to remove clothes from the machine in a timely manner.


Is there internet access at the Residence?

The Residence is equipped with WiFi in each private room and all the common spaces. Internet is included in the price of the rent, up to a certain download limit. Log-in information to the internet network is provided upon check in.


Can I bring my bike to the Residence?

The Residence provides free outdoor bike parking spots. The service of storing your bike over the winter months can be provided for an additional $50.00.


What about my mail?

All residents are assigned a private mailbox located at the entrance of the Residence.

Mailing address: ‘your name’, Résidence Edison, 3525 rue University, ‘room #’, Montréal, QC, H3A 2A9

A slip will be left in your mailbox if you were not present for the pick-up of a package.


Are there any cleaning services offered at the Residence?

 Every resident will be responsible to keep their personal room clean and to tidy-up after themselves in the common areas. The maintenance staff member is present every weekday and will ensure that all the common areas including bathrooms, entrance, hallways etc. are kept extremely clean.


Can I bring my car to residence?

Edison Residence is exceptionally close to all amenities (grocery stores, shopping malls, public transit, gyms, universities, restaurants etc.) making the car impractical. There is no parking offered on the Edison Residence land; the best option to park the car would to be obtain a City street parking sticker or to rent out a parking spot at the multiple parking garages/lots in the area.


Are pets permitted to Residence?

No pets of any order or species are permitted in Edison Residence or on the grounds.


Does the Residence close in December for Winter break?

While basic services and utilities remain available, most regular services including but not limited to cleaning services are not available during the December holiday break and the Spring break.


When do I need to move out of the Residence?

Residents are expected to move-out of their room on the last day of their Lease. A notice will be sent to the resident prior to their departure date describing the check-out procedure, which includes a final room condition check. Residents are expected to leave their rooms in a clean state and will be held responsible for any extra cleaning charges that must be done to bring their rooms to that state.


In case of fire, theft, or disaster, do my goods are covered in my lease?

Personal damages are not covered by the lease agreements. Residents should subscribe to a tenant insurance.


And if I discontinue my lease?

We do not offer contract redemption options. Once your lease comes into effect, it cannot be canceled or transferred.